S-Max Furan

The Ultimate in Production Flexibility & Efficiency

Sand Casting Molds & Cores Printed Directly from CAD The ExOne S-Max system selectively dispenses foundry-grade resin into thin layers of specially engineered sand. This additive process creates complex sand casting cores and molds directly from CAD data, eliminating the need for a physical pattern to create a core or mold. The process produces accurate, uniform cores and molds rapidly, significantly reducing lead time. The flexibility to modify and customize mold designs can improve casting performance, reduce weight, and add complexity to cast components.

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The S-Max is suited for foundries and design facilities. The ability to cast in hours without hard tooling improves the entire casting process chain.

  • Industry-proven casting materials
  • On-demand sand supply management system
  • Proven printhead technology for precise dosing of binding agent
  • No support structures
  • No post processing required
  • Molds and cores immediately available for casting
  • Complex internal details and structures capability, otherwise unattainable using traditional methods
At-a-Glance Machine Specification
  • Patternless
  • Low binder content (< 2%)
  • Quartz and specialty sands
  • Data Interface: STL
  • Build Volume (WxDxH): 1800 x 1000 x 700 mm (70 x 39 x 27 in.)
  • Industrial grade machine tool
  • External Dimensions (WxDxH): 6900 x 3520 x 2860 mm (271.7 x 138.6 x 112.6 in.)
Production cell
The machine is a single, compact unit delivered with a single job box. A second job box can be ordered as an option to increase the productivity of the printer. The batch mixer is fully integrated into the main system, eliminating the need for any further equipment such as roller conveyors or an unloading station.

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