A Complete Solution: Idea to Printed Metal Part in Record Time

M-Flex: Digital Part Materialization SystemThe M-Flex is simple to use and contains everything you need to get started with metal printing, offering speeds 10x faster than our previous generation machine.

Flexible & Complete Solution
  • Package includes printer, recycling equipment, printing materials, curing oven and furnace
  • Comprehensive multimedia training program
Simplifies Your Operations
  • One click – simple user interface
  • No tooling required
  • Easy unloading
  • Industry-grade materials
  • Print in stainless steel, bronze or tungsten
  • Functional parts with superior wear characteristics
High productivity
  • Fastest metal printer in its class
  • Flexible job box can print one prototype or short runs of multiple and/or custom parts
  • Changes can be made quickly
High accuracy
  • Highly-accurate printing process guarantees highly-accurate parts
Suited for complex geometry
  • Greater design freedom
At-a-Glance Machine Specification
  • Build volume: 400 x 250 x 250 mm (15.7 x 9.8 x 9.8 in.)
  • Build speed: 30-60 seconds/layer
  • Layer thickness: Variable with minimum of 0.15 mm
  • Print resolution: X/Y 0.0635mm, Z 0.100mm (set by layer thickness)
  • External dimensions: 1675 x 1400 x 1855 mm (66 x 55 x 73 in.)
  • Electrical requirements: 208V-240V / 3 phases
  • Data interface: SLC, CLI, STL