ExMicro Contract Services

ExMicro laser micromachining services* can remove small amounts of material from a very precise location with each one of 1000’s of pulses per second. The accelerated machining rates result in a precision surface (hole or shape) with minimal material damage and little or no heat-affected zone. ExMicro’s sophisticated beam manipulation devices allow the fabrication of complex shapes and variable taper control.


Technology Benefits:
  • Minimal thermal influence (1 to 2 micron) due to short pulse duration
  • Ability to machine both traditional and exotic (even brittle) materials

Contact us for more information about the use of ExMicro custom laser machining and manufacturing services for metals, ceramics and other materials, including services of the Orion Laser Machining System, for your projects and applications.

*Currently available in the USA (Mid-Atlantic) and Japan.