Request a Quotation

For additive manufacturing services in sand, metal or glass, please submit your digital file* along with the required information on the form displayed below and one of our technical experts will in most cases have a quote to you within three business days, depending upon requirements.

For ExMicro advanced laser micromachining services, please request a quote via email or call 877-773-9663.

*If you prefer, you may mail a CD with files to one of our global facilities.

The following are examples of file formats accepted. Please contact your local facility for specific local requirements: .STL, .IGS, .Model, .3ds, .MXP, .obj, .WRL, .3DM, .SKP, .RAR and .ZIP 

If no then standard tolerances apply +/- .5% per dimension
Metal printing only. Requires stock left on.
Available for metal printing. Exterior surfaces only.
Plating: Electrolysis Process - .0003 thickness (inches)
Part specifications must be identified to avoid delays in processing your request.